Sex before Marriage: Yes or No?

As a christian teenager in the very liberal world I am constantly asked upon my views on sex before marriage. My answer would of course be obvious and my reasons explanatory. The Bible clearly states that marriage is left for a man and his WIFE. But my reasons even lie more than just in my faith, they also lie deep within the psychological brains of teenagers.

Having sex is a very serious decision, it is not something that one should just take lightly and one should NEVER be pressured into it. A teenager is not emotionally prepared for the after effects of having sex at all (especially the male ones-not being sexist, it is statistically proven that girls mature faster than boys). Teens are just beginning to go through changes and finding themselves. Sex forms an emotional bond between two people that is unlike anything else. I understand, you’re young, you’re in love and hormones are just all over the place but it’s those very reasons that support why you shouldn’t have sex even more. When you base your relationship on sex you begin to forget other important factors. Is he/she a good person, are they kind, can you trust them, do you two have enough communication? Also what happens if you two break up? How will you cope knowing you gave someone literally everything, and it still didn’t work out? The fact is, teenagers shouldn’t have to go through so much emotional stress like that after a break up in the first place.

How to deal with: Pressure

Now a days, there is a lot of pressure from many different sources to have premarital sex. They glorify it, only showing the positive aspects of sex. And while sex is a good thing, premarital sex has many negative effects. Whatever decision you do make in the end, never, ever, ever let anyone pressure you into having sex. Some real douche bags might say “If you love me, you’d have sex with me.” But here this! If they really loved you, they would respect your ultimate decision and wouldn’t try to pressure you into doing something you are clearly not comfortable with. NO means NO. Don’t let them whisper sweet nothings into your head, because keep in mind, boys don’t get pregnant, girls do.  If your friends try and make you feel embarrassed, don’t be. You should feel proud of your sobriety. Despite what society might want you to things many non-marital relationships are healthier and last longer when their is no sex involved. It gives them the chance to focus on other things in the relationship.You can focus on getting to know each other better, communicate more often, and spend time with each other without the sexual tension. Not only that, but many guys have so much more respect for girls knowing that they stand firm to their beliefs and are willing to maintain their sobriety. Many girls worry: “Oh but what if he stops liking me?”

Don’t worry girls, if he really truly does care for you he’ll still like you whether you give it up or not.