Born Confused by Tanuja Dessai Personal Response

In Born Confused, Tanuja Desai Hidier intoxicates her readers in a story about culture, relationships, and the discovery of oneself. The story helped me on a lot of things, it made me want to reconnect with my own culture and learn more about it. Dimple Lala had always been unsure to which culture she belonged; and I could understand why, in a time when the ideal girl was skinny, blonde haired and blue eyed, no wonder she felt so awkward. Then there was her Indian family, whom she thought she was never good enough for, but then again, I thought she never gave them the chance. She so quickly assumed that she wasn’t good enough for either culture that she never saw that she really was.  In her relationships, Dimple made some bad choices. She thought her family didn’t understand her when they actually did, and she thought her best friend Gwyn was trying to steal her identity when she was merely trying to fit in and be a part of her life, just like Dimple was trying to fit in. Karsh, a ‘suitable boy’ that her parents tried setting her up with, really liked her but Dimple, thinking that he liked Gwyn and that she could never match up to Gwyn’s beauty and personality Dimple stepped out of the picture. I was happy when all the misunderstanding were solved and Gwyn and Dimple’s relationship was renewed and when Karsh and Dimple finally got together. I mean, you can’t just throw away years of friendship like that.  Throughout the story, Dimple grows in many ways and through photography she finds herself. Her pictures tell a story, her story. They tell who she really is, and that she’s perfect just the way she is. Not only that but because of those very pictures it strengthened the bond between her family, and friends.


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