Never has something so significant to me caused me so much distress. There’s the very process of just trying to get into college. The ACT’s, the SAT’s, interviews. resumes, entrance exams, essays, class percentile, what i want to major in, and where i ultimately decide to go all play a factor into why Junior year is the most stressful time of a childs or my life. Let’s not forget that colleges intentionally make it hard to get into just so that they can move up in the rankings. Now how messed up is that?

A few days ago I went to UM for their annual Open House. It wasn’t until then did I realize how real this all was. I was a Junior. In a few months I’d be applying to a bunch of colleges and within a year I would be attending one. Woah.

That’s also when the panic set in. My weighted GPA is on a 4.3, my current SAT scores are just mediocre, and average is no longer acceptable. Don’t even get me started on how everyone looks down at anyone who is more talented in the arts than sciences. I just wish everything would just go according to plan perfectly but I keep hitting road blocks.

By serendipity

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