Courtesy & Chivalry. Is it dead?

It has come to my attention that both courtesy and chivalry might indeed be dead. Things that used to be automatic like holding the door for someone, or even saying thank you have become so scarce it’s shocking.

My friend Kent, who holds the door that leads to the lockers every day is never thanked. five people, and then ten walk through and no one says thank you. Can you believe that? It’s like they think that they are self entitled- or that they deserve the treatment they are receiving when in reality Kent is just doing it out of the kindness of his heart. But when it is simple mannerisms like that, I must say that the problem lies with the parents. It is the parents job to teach the children these common rules of etiquette. For example, a child at first believes that everything is theirs, until a parent teaches them otherwise.

Still, even though the world can disappoint me sometimes, it’s good to know that their are still some people out there who  are chivalrous. I have this friend who still holds girls for ladies, tells them occasionally how they look lovely, and pulls out chairs for them.

By serendipity

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