Social Media & Love

I always thought that love was a serious emotion used to express deep affection towards another person. But it seems that everywhere I look, the idea of ‘love’ is abused and taken for granted in movies and books. The reality however, is vastly different- falling in love with someone isn’t always the whirlwind romance social media makes it out to be.

Books and plays can create almost an unlimited amount of time within their pages and certainly enough time to develop a proper and realistic love story. Yet still, so many stories fail to even accomplish that, caving into societies opinion of what love is really like. Take Romeo and Juliet for example, one of the key tales that advocate whirlwind romances Romeo has just gotten out of a previous relationship and is utterly heartbroken. His friend suggests he finds another girl as a rebound; that is when he meets Juliet and their love story begins. They meet, fall fatefully ‘in love’ and when they can’t be together, they kill themselves. But this wasn’t a story about love. Because love isn’t instantaneous and brash, it doesn’t happen in such a short period of time.

This is in shocking contrast than some of the romances in the book Little Women. Some relationships, do not blossom because the characters realize that it is in fact just infatuation while others do because their feelings blossom over a period of time until they truly love one another.

In movies, I understand that it is hard to fit a long period of time in just 2 hours, so you can’t really give a chance for the characters feelings to really flourish. Yet it’s almost unrealistic for two characters to meet for a few moments then leave thinking that they are absolutely in love with each other. But a person cannot just decide that they are in love one moment and then they aren’t the next. Love doesn’t just appear when the moment is convenient. In the movie Letters from Juliet the main character meets a new man in her 1 week vacation in Paris. By the end of the movie she gets in a relationship with this new man. Here’s the catch, she breaks off her engagement with her fiancée. She was set to marry someone else, yet she simply dumps him for another, saying that things just weren’t the same and that she wasn’t in love anymore. Once again, the character confuses love with infatuation.

In real life, what the media shows in movies and the books they write is not what love is depicted to be.

By serendipity

A Poem I Wrote a Long Time Ago


So I look around and wonder when things became so superficial

Try and look past what’s facial

There’s more than what lies on the surface

There’s heart, there’s purpose

I try and lift them up to a more intellectual level

Tryna’ show them that life’s just a miracle

And time is crucial

That the power of words is so valuable

But they’re so skeptical

And I guess only a few will understand

How everything lies in God’s hands

By serendipity


Never has something so significant to me caused me so much distress. There’s the very process of just trying to get into college. The ACT’s, the SAT’s, interviews. resumes, entrance exams, essays, class percentile, what i want to major in, and where i ultimately decide to go all play a factor into why Junior year is the most stressful time of a childs or my life. Let’s not forget that colleges intentionally make it hard to get into just so that they can move up in the rankings. Now how messed up is that?

A few days ago I went to UM for their annual Open House. It wasn’t until then did I realize how real this all was. I was a Junior. In a few months I’d be applying to a bunch of colleges and within a year I would be attending one. Woah.

That’s also when the panic set in. My weighted GPA is on a 4.3, my current SAT scores are just mediocre, and average is no longer acceptable. Don’t even get me started on how everyone looks down at anyone who is more talented in the arts than sciences. I just wish everything would just go according to plan perfectly but I keep hitting road blocks.

By serendipity

Facebook Changes

I don’t understand why Facebook keeps changing. Yes it is trying to accommodate the fast changing times but what about my privacy?

Now anyone can message me, with or without my permission. Anyone can leave a voice mail or a video in my messages as well. The world can even see what’s on my profile! Sad to say, everything is left out in the open now. That’s one of the reasons why I left Facebook, if the world is able to see my business and learn everything about me, I rather stick to just calling my friends on the phone

Courtesy & Chivalry. Is it dead?

It has come to my attention that both courtesy and chivalry might indeed be dead. Things that used to be automatic like holding the door for someone, or even saying thank you have become so scarce it’s shocking.

My friend Kent, who holds the door that leads to the lockers every day is never thanked. five people, and then ten walk through and no one says thank you. Can you believe that? It’s like they think that they are self entitled- or that they deserve the treatment they are receiving when in reality Kent is just doing it out of the kindness of his heart. But when it is simple mannerisms like that, I must say that the problem lies with the parents. It is the parents job to teach the children these common rules of etiquette. For example, a child at first believes that everything is theirs, until a parent teaches them otherwise.

Still, even though the world can disappoint me sometimes, it’s good to know that their are still some people out there who  are chivalrous. I have this friend who still holds girls for ladies, tells them occasionally how they look lovely, and pulls out chairs for them.

By serendipity