I find it so funny how today for Lunch, they’re serving beef quessadillas and they just recalled ground beef from several stores for containing Samonella Strains. Can you say GROSS? I’m so tired of school systems having such horrible food for lunch. It shouldn’t be that hard to cook good, healthy food! One time, as a side dish I got a seasoned hot dog bun. What is that? I’m sorry, but were there no bread rolls at Publix? And don’t even get me started on the half baked chicken tenders, the fruit punch that is only 10% real juice, and the fact that we aren’t allowed to use the plastic utensils unless we buy their crappy lunch? Are you kidding me!? You want me to pay 5 dollars for something that’s not even fully cooked, just so I can use a fork? My parents already pay a hefty 8,000 dollars for me to go to this school, if I want to use the schools forks, I WILL. The amount of times I’ve come out of lunch with an upset stomach is ridiculous. I’m sure it would be more beneficial and less expensive to actually cook good food. I know one thing for sure though, I’m going to bring my own lunch from now on.

By serendipity

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