Spiritual Emphasis Week: My Seminars

Throughout the course of the week I went to many seminars such as College Life with Andy Holz, Biblical Relationships with Mrs. Mack and #WhatKylaSaid with Mrs. Crowther. All these seminars impacted me in a way I cannot explain and I know that what I learned this week will continue to help me in the near future.

Sam talked about how Jesus was the ultimate comedian. He made jokes, and he laughed like the rest of us. By using means such as parables and other stories he helped teach people about life and salvation. Sam talked about how ironic it was that the king of kings was born in a manger and dressed in swaddling clothes.  Then to top it all off he was visited by shepherds, people who worked in the most disrespected profession around. In another one of his sermons, he taught about how just like Christ forgave us we must also find it in ourselves to forgive others. He taught us that Christ cares about us and only wants what’s best for us but if we can’t even forgive others for the sins they have committed against us, you can’t expect God to forgive you. To execute his point he brought up different parables, like the parable of the house on rock and the house on sand. This parable represents just what our priorities and idols are. He tells us to ask ourselves whether we are building our faith on Christ or the temporary things of this world.

In College Life with Andy Holz, Mr. Holz talked about the different reasons people go to college and how when we go, even though we might not know what we want to do with our lives we must try and keep a strong faith. It is important that we do because when we go out into the world and to college we can not only reflect our beliefs but also disgrace them with our actions. He also spoke about trying not to get caught up in all of the extra benefits of college life because after a while those things will get old and the teachers won’t be waiting for you to buckle down and get serious with your work. They will fail you if necessary.

I would have to say that Mrs. Mack’s seminar was one of my favorite. She delivered it in such an interpersonal and heartfelt way. It wasn’t like she was condemning us for the things we’ve done or just flat out telling us what to do, she was sharing her experiences so that she could teach us a lesson on Christian dating. One of the topics that I personally liked was how she told us to just wait for what God has in stored for us and be content with yourself and in God. She also told us not to expect a fairytale, that life isn’t all ponies and daisies and come to realize that the only one who can truly change a man for the better  both spiritually and mentally is God.

Mrs. Crowther helped me come to understand how I should treat others while I’m online. Just because I’m behind the safety of my computer doesn’t give me the right to judge, extradite, or be mean to others. This is especially true because just because people sin differently, doesn’t make me better than them because I am a sinner too. I am also soon going to participate in her 30 day challenge, which challenges us to instead of complaining about annoying things we see online, or being mean we should say something nice and uplifting. Hopefully, I will be successful.

All in all I loved spiritual emphasis week  including the sermons and seminars. They really helped me in my life. I feel spiritually revived and confident to finish off my school year strong.


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