Spiritual Emphasis Week: Chapel Sermons

Spiritual emphasis week has been an incredible experience. Each day we would go to chapel, sing three praise and worship songs, and then proceed to listen to a series of sermons by Mr. Williams.

Mr. Sam talked about how Jesus was the ultimate comedian. He made jokes, and he laughed like the rest of us. By using means such as parables and other stories he helped teach people about life and salvation. Mr. Sam talked about how ironic it was that the king of kings was born in a manger and dressed in swaddling clothes.  Then to top it all off he was visited by shepherds, people who worked in the most disrespected profession around. In another one of his sermons, he taught about how just like Christ forgave us we must also find it in ourselves to forgive others.

He taught us that Christ cares about us and only wants what’s best for us but if we can’t even forgive others for the sins they have committed against us, you can’t expect God to forgive you. Everyone falls short of the glory of God and no one has sinned less than the other, leave the wrath and judgement to Him.

When he spoke about what our priorities are he brought up different parables to explain his point. In the parable of the house on rock and the house on sand, the foolish man builds his house on sand and it gets blown away when a storm comes but the wise man, built his house on the steady rock, and it remained strong. This parable represents just what our priorities and idols are. He tells us to ask ourselves whether we are building our faith on Christ or the temporary things of this world.

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