The True and Tragic Story of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia

Many movies and musicals have been made from the tragic story of Princess Anastasia. In the 20th century Fox Animated film “Anastasia”, the Grand Duchess is found to have survived the Russian revolution and is somewhere out there in the world. Her sister who also survived, searches for her but is constantly foiled by countless imposters who only want her money. Elsewhere, the real Anastasia who is now called Anya searches for where she belongs since she has no memory of her childhood and has absolutely no idea who she is. With the help of Dimitri, an ex-con man who was at first only using her to get the reward money from Marie for finding her sister, Anya in the end is reunited with her sister Marie.

In the true story of the Grand Duchess Anastasia she in fact did not survive the Bolshevik revolution which soon led to a civil war. They were soon exiled to Siberia where they stayed for four months until their untimely death. She along with the rest of her family were brutally murdered by Yurovsky and his soldiers. They were shot at point blank range and the last two victims were Anastasia and her older sister Maria. While some died instantaneously, some of them didn’t. Alexei for example, clung on to her father’s shirt for dear life until she was shot twice in the air. Controversy surrounded their deaths because unlike the other family members who were easily found in a ditch Alexei’s and Anastasia’s bodies were missing. Multiple imposters would claim to be Anastasia (one of the most prominent being Anna Anderson) but eighty years later their bodies were found and all claims were put to rest. Still no one, especially the Romanov’s who were loved by their people, deserved to die just because of political differences. Their tragic story will never be forgotten and continues to be shared around the world today.

By serendipity

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