Never Grow Up. Seriously, don’t ever do it- it sucks lemons.


Gosh, I wish I was a child again. No worries, no problems, and boys still had cuties. When I was 9 I did want to grow up; I wanted to be able to sit in the front seat, stay up past 8 o’clock, and not have to sneak around just to watch some Inuyasha on Adult Swim. It seemed like everything I desired was only available to the big kids- and I was getting quite frustrated with missing out.

But now that I’m a Junior in Highschool, I don’t want to grow up. Yet it feels like every adult figure around me is pushing me out the door into adulthood. I have chores, I’m applying to college- and the stress  of trying to keep all my grades up while simultaneously keeping my social and family life in tact is more than just ‘overwhelming’. Heck, I even just got my permit! And it wasn’t up until 2 years ago did I realize that the thought of driving on the roads terrified me. I miss nap time,  and when math actually used to involve real numbers instead of  letters and symbols that represent imaginary numbers.

And I wish I could go back in time and tell that little girl (me) to just slow down, and enjoy things for the beautiful moments they are because time flies….and before you know it, you’re all grown up. But I can warn you. So just slow down, because a few years down the road you’re still going to have that opportunity to be behind the wheel of a car- unless a zombie apocalypse kills everyone (worst case scenario), your parents will soon give you more and  more freedom (even though it seems like they’re plotting to keep you locked in this cage called home forever)  and those boys who seem to be completely immature pigs will one day mature into an extremely kind respectable young man who will finally notice you for the beautiful being you are.

So what do you do when you finally grow up after all and you’re shoved with all these responsibilities? My advice is to take each day as it is, don’t stress it. You’ve got the whole world, just waiting to see what you’ve got to add to it. So why don’t you show them what you got?

With Love, Ella.


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